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PUBLISHED: 4/15/2015

Microfiltration Systems Remove Inorganic, Organic, Heavy Metal Contaminants

These systems can be more efficient and reliable than conventional treatment methods, according to the company.

PUBLISHED: 4/14/2015

Pollution Control Products Offer Corrosion Resistance

Midwest Air Products Co. Inc.provides installation, startup, maintenance programs and design services.

PUBLISHED: 4/14/2015

Line of Waste Treatment Equipment

The company also offers its sister companies’ products.

PUBLISHED: 4/14/2015

Resource Management, Conservation for Automated Finishing Systems

The company offers a formula to accurately calculate evaporative losses for heated, ventilated tanks.

PUBLISHED: 4/14/2015

Self-cleaning Filtration System Eliminates Need for Disassembly

These rugged systems resist the effects of corrosive chemicals and other hostile fluids.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2015

Chrome Plating Chemical Answer EPA’s PFOS Ban

Hunter Chemical offers its non-fluoride-based HCA-50 Catalyst and HCA fume suppressants as a solution to EPA bans on perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

PUBLISHED: 5/23/2014

Scrubber Systems Exceed Chrome Emission Standards

Viron International – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 106

PUBLISHED: 5/12/2014

Microfiltration System Removes Wastewater Contaminates

Water & Wastewater Equipment – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 245

PUBLISHED: 5/12/2014

Plating Bath Metering Pumps Are Self-Priming

Stenner Pump – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 738

PUBLISHED: 5/9/2014

Environmental Remediation Services Addressed

Acuity Environmental Solutions – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 841

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