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Goad Company Wins New Product Excellence Award

20. February 2017

Curtis Goad with his company's award from MAM.


Goad Company has received the 2016 New Product Excellence Award from the Missouri Association of Manufacturers. The award was based on Goad's patented methods of fabricating containment tanks.


Made in Missouri Leadership Awards were developed to honor manufacturing companies and individual leaders that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. Goad Company has solved a major problem in the construction of large vinyl containment systems by eliminating hand welds to seal their massive number of lining seams which often resulted in leaks and costly downtime repairs. Goad's solution is N-Fuze welding that involves the extrusion (machine) welding of vinyl linings which they developed in 2006. With three U.S. Patents, Goad is the only company performing this welding method.


Since 1955, Goad Company has built a quality reputation by providing custom designed fabrications and systems to the surface finishing and chemical process industries. Their customers include leading commercial, government, and military facilities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


"We are proud and honored to have been recognized by the MAM for our expertise in containment systems technology," says Curtis Goad, president of the company.


For information, visit

Arresting Indoor Air Quality Criminals in Metal Finishing and Chemical Tanks

16. February 2017


Engineering, architecture and consulting firm, Burns and McDonnels' Angela Vawter has an interesting take on ways to improve air quality in metal finishing operations, and also for any shop which has chemical tanks:


"When you think of criminals, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t humidity or hazardous mists and vapors. But these so-called ‘criminals’—indoor air quality criminals, that is—can escape from open surface tanks causing irritation or harm to operators, as well as corroding the surrounding building structure and supporting utility systems. Properly ventilating exhaust and supply air of open surface tanks is key to thwarting these fugitives before they can inflict damage—and can ultimately save a company a whole lot of trouble."


To read more of Vawter's take, please click here.


Atotech Acquires Pegastech Plating on Plastics Technology

14. February 2017
photo of car knob

Atotech has acquired plating on plastics technology developed by Pegastech, a French specialty chemicals company.


Atotech has acquired plating on plastics technology developed by Pegastech, a French specialty chemicals company.


Pegastech has developed a technology for plating on plastics that does not use hexavalent chromium or palladium compounds for the pretreatment of polymers prior to electroplating. The acquisition supports Atotech’s long-term goal of promoting sustainable surface finishing technologies. The process replaces hazardous chemicals while saving resources, and it is fully compatible with industrial equipment and processing cycles. Product development finalization, testing and launching of the new process is scheduled for 2017.


The core benefits of the acquired technology are:

  • Hexavalent chromium-free etch
  • Palladium-free activator
  • Compatibility with a wide range of polymers including ABS, ABS-PC, 2K components
  • Avoidance of rack-metallization
  • Compatibility with existing plating lines at plating on plastics surface finishing companies


The company says this technology is an excellent addition to Atotech’s current plating on plastics portfolio, including a hexavalent chromium-free pretreatment technology currently in development that will also be ready for market release this year.


“We are delighted to join forces with Pegastech and to continue setting industry benchmarks by creating leading plating on plastics technologies,” says Werner Richtering, R&D manager for General Metal Finishing at Atotech. “The launch of both our new technologies will bring plastics pretreatment to a new level. This is an exciting time for Atotech, as we will soon be able to deliver solutions that meet a diverse set of requirements.”


Winona Powder Coating Announces Expansion

10. February 2017




Winona Powder Coating, one of the largest high-volume powder coaters in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, says it has completed the expansion of its batch line to handle products up to 32 feet long. The 167,000-square-foot facility currently houses state-of-the-art powder coating lines, sand blasting, wheelabrating and the expanded batch system.


“Since adding the batch line at Winona two years ago, customers have continually presented ever larger parts and projects for us to powder coat,” says Brian Bailey, president of Winona Powder Coating. “By doubling the length of the system, we will be able to coat oversized parts for the many industries we serve.”


Winona Powder Coating, with facilities in Elkhart and Etna Green, Indiana, is a leading supplier of powder coating services to large industrial companies throughout the Midwest. In business since 1974, Winona Powder Coating began powder coating in 1979, making it one of the first powder coating operations to open in the state of Indiana.


The company currently serves customers in the following industries: foundry, agriculture, military/defense, recreational vehicles, automotive, marine, heavy industry, construction, electrical equipment, plumbing and government. Winona is ISO9001, UL and JDM F17 certified. Visit or call 1-800-476-9337.


Axalta Sponsors, Builds Mobility Cars for GoBabyGo!

9. February 2017


Axalta Coating Systems built and presented six families with motorized custom cars designed to be used by special needs toddlers who have difficulty walking or crawling.  Each of the six teams of Axalta employees was assigned to a specific toddler’s story along with custom plans for his or her car, and asked to create a unique mobility device for each child.


“We were honored to take part in such a rewarding experience for both our team and the families involved,” said Michael Bollan, Axalta North America Business Director.  “Working with the GoBabyGo! Organization in this project allowed us an opportunity to reiterate one of our central principles- giving back to those in need.”


All six vehicles were personalized to the unique personality of each child and were test driven by them prior to the teams making their final adjustments.  The devices are designed to promote independent mobility which develops cognitive, social, motor, and language skills in younger children.  Research has shown that toddlers with access to this type of mobility option develop better socially, emotionally, and even psychically.



GoBabyGo! began in 2006 at the University of Delaware as a program created by Dr. Cole Galloway to give children with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other mobility disabilities the opportunity to socialize and move around with their siblings and peers.  The program connects local clinics across the United States who have children in need with sponsors who create free custom GoBabyGo cars as a team building exercise.

To learn more about GoBabyGo! please visit



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