Coil Coating

Question: I am studying for a Masters Degree in Materials Engineering.


I am studying for a Masters Degree in Materials Engineering. I was very glad to see your site and know your magazine. I am studying about continuous color coating on sheet steel for my project, and I need some samples to do experiments on them. Please guide me as to how I can get the following information.

  1. The first treatments on sheet steel to prepare it for color coating.
  2. Characteristics and use of color coated steel sheet.
  3. Performance of color coated steel sheet.
  4. What is the difference between any substrates, (galvanize, galfan, galvalume, black steel, iron, etc.) to prepare and coat products for final end uses. B.M.


Congratulations and good luck in your study of Materials Engineering. The questions you ask go beyond the scope of Painting Clinic. However I can give you some brief answers. Coils of steel are coated at the mill or by a “toll coater.” Simply stated, in practice, the steel coils are loaded on the payout mandrel of a continuous coil coating line. In the first step, the steel strip is generally cleaned and coated with a phosphate pretreatment and dried. Next, the organic coating is applied by rollers. The coated strip passes through a baking oven, is cooled and then rolled up on a take-up mandrel.

Coil coated steel is used for hundreds of products, including, appliances, buildings, decking, equipment enclosures, furniture, etc. For more complete information and the answers to all your questions, contact

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