CCAI Postpones Women in Finishing Forum

CCAI’s Women in Finishing Forum has been rescheduled for April 28-30, 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

40 Under 40

Products Finishing is recognizing the industry’s top young talent through an annual 40 Under 40 program.

Wisconsin's Professional Plating Provides Triple Threat as 5-Time Top Shop

Professional Plating is a 5-Time Products Finishing Top Shop winner that provides plating, powder coating and electrocoating services.
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U.S. Air Force Qualifies PPG Aerocron Aerospace Ecoat Primer

System installed at Air Force technology center in Georgia for coating parts.

VIDEO: On Display at FABTECH, Vol. 3

Here is a look at some of the products and services that will be on display at the FABTECH conference.

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LATEST Electrocoating VIDEOS

SpringCo in Action with Automotive Ecoat, Powder Coatings

SpringCo Metal Coating in Cleveland, Ohio, coats truck parts in a massive 11-acre, 250,000-square-foot facility.

Energy Coatings Withstand Time, Corrosion

The Z-Pex multi-layer system battles harsh oil and gas chemicals.

Ecoat Express Revolutionizes GE Locomotives

GE Transportation adds an electrocoat system to ease manufacturing bottlenecks with the help of savvy suppliers who know how to get the project done.


Finding What Causes Defects in Ecoat Systems

Joseph Subda

Joseph Subda

Senior Product Specialist, Axalta Coating Systems

The first step in solving defects in ecoat, says Axalta’s Joe Subda, is to determine if the defect is on all parts, one part, or a certain type of part or substrate.

Q: What can our facility do about a lot of defects in our electrocoat process? Is there an area of the system we should be looking at first? A: I get many questions about defects. People will show me a defect on a part, a picture of a defect or simply describe the defect. Then I am asked the inevitable question — what is the defect ...READ MORE

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Powder Coat Systems with the Best Long-Term Performance

The best protection against corrosion and UV exposure, says Axalta’s Mike Withers, is electrocoat and a super durable powder coating.

How to Measure Ecoat Throwpower in the Field

Axalta’s Dan Rose says the regular monitoring, recording and charting of throwpower can be a very valuable tool for ensuring quality.


DTX-12000 Power Supply from Process Technology

DTX-12000 Power Supply from Dynatronix is designed to provide best thermal efficiencies, lowest possible ripple and exact power deliveries at lowest amp inputs.

Elsyca Designs, Optimizes Electrochemical Processes

Elsyca’s processes include electroplating, electropolishing, ecoating, electroforming and anodizing.
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Advint's Advisory and Training Services Assist Electroplating Businesses

Advint's advisory service emphasizes science, mathematics, technology and management to help clients achieve their goals.
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Darrah Electric's Modular Rectifiers Promote Efficiency

The IGBT units run at a higher efficiency and higher power factor than traditional rectifiers and can be configured for lab work and production lines.

Hemco UniFlo Hoods Capture Fumes

Hoods constructed of chemical-resistant, flame-retardant, nonsparking composite resin materials.

ATI Orbital Sander Designed for Robotic Surface Prep

The compliance force is adjustable to accommodate a variety of applications.