Dialing in Chemistries for a New Washer System

Excel Industries’ new 10-stage washer features several innovative solutions from Chemetall, including a neutral pH descaler to eliminate flash rusting.

On the Line Podcast

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Test to Find Answers to a Cleaning Solution Dilemma

Finding the best cleaning fluid for a specific application is possible by carrying out practical trials, backed by lab analyses.

Chemcoaters Hires Connor McMenamin as President

McMenamin previously worked at Tata Steel, where he held positions in sales, account management and country head in Mexico.
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VaporTech Customizes CVD and PVD Coating Colors

PVD and DLC coating machines are simple to integrate into manufacturing processes. 

Finishing Hall of Fame

  • 2019 Finishing Hall of Fame Inductees

    Class includes Frank Altmayer, Arthur Brace, Ken Kreeger, Marc LeBaron, Ray Lucas, Joseph Manzoli, Jerry Poll, William Safranek and Don Snyder.

  • 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Frederick Gumm, John Horner, Dr. Leslie Lancy, John Lindstedt and Milt Stevenson Sr. were elected by a panel for their contributions to the surface finishing industry.

  • 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Jack Berg, Nathan Feldstein, George Hogaboom, Joseph Kushner, Harold Read and Charles Walker are honored.


Longer, Cleaner Plating Bath Life

Angelo Magrone of Bales Metal Surface Solutions suggests adding an agitation and filtration system to keep plating pretreatment tanks cleaner, longer.

Q: What can I do to ensure a longer, cleaner bath life for plating pretreatment? Just like our dinner dishes, letting parts soak is a perfectly adequate way of cleaning them before plating. However, what if we can clean them faster, without interrupting the manufactures’ parameters? I think we can all agree on how important pretreatment is to plating. So why do we tolerate letting cleaning ...READ MORE

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How To Reduce Steps Required In Nonferrous Surface Finishing

The finishing of parts made from various copper and aluminum alloys traditionally require many distinct and separate process steps, and Hubbard-Hall’s Mike Valenti explains how both come with their own unique needs .

Top Reasons to Switch to a Better Cleaning Fluid

Venesia Hurtubise from MicroCare says switching to the new modern cleaning fluids will have a positive impact on your cleaning process.

Choosing the Right Vapor Degreasing Method

Venesia Hurtubise with MicroCare says experience and expertise are helpful in optimizing and developing cleaning cycles that will best suit a specific job.
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Safechem Dualene 1601 S Marks First Pure Modified Alcohol

Safechem is launching its Dualene 1601 S, a pre-stabilized modified alcohol designed to enhance process stability in high-precision metal cleaning.

Ransohoff Cell-U-Clean RTL Washer is Compact and Efficient

Ransohoff’s Cell-U-Clean Return to Load spray cabinet is an efficient high-volume cleaning solution with a compact footprint and low energy usage.

Norton BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs Greatly Increase Cut Rate

Norton Saint-Gobain’s BlazeX F980 Fiber Discs dissipate grinding heat to offer a 50% increase in cut rate and disk life over the original Blaze F980.

Advances in Near Neutral pH Descaling

Atotech’s UniPrep AC products offer versatile alternatives to conventional chemical and mechanical descaling methods.

MicroCare's Stereze Product Line Receives FDA Registration

MicroCare has received FDA registration for its Stereze Hand Sanitizer line, which encompasses a spray, a gel and wipes.

H2O GmbH Purecat Reduces Wastewater COD by 97 Percent

H20 GmbH’s Purecat solution reduces chemical oxygen demand in industrial wastewater by up to 97 percent, priming it for reuse or discharge.