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Correlation Between Electrochemical Behavior and Neutral Salt Fog Corrosion on TCP Coated AA2024

A correlation was found between electrochemical properties and the corrosion of a trivalent chromium pretreatment (TCP) coated aluminum alloy (AA2024-T3) during neutral salt fog exposure.  Differences in open circuit potential, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and Tafel analysis were observed and quantified between the best- and worst-performing processes.  a link was shown between electrochemical behavior and neutral salt fog corrosion resistance to predict which processes will provide the most corrosion resistant TCP coatings in a significantly shorter time than a full neutral salt fog test.  

Surface Finishing Mexico 2020 Fosters Global Industry Growth

Mexican Association of Surface Finishing hosts expo March 25-26


Preventing Anodizing Cathodes from Turning Red

While the red color may not be desirable, anodizing expert Drew Nosti says it poses no particular problem to a successful anodizing process.


Cleaning, Pretreatment to Meet Medical Specs ISO 13485 or FDA 21 CFR820

Maximilian Kessler from SurTec explains new practices for industrial parts cleaning, metal pretreatment and decorative electroplating in the medical device industry.

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Environmental compliance calendar gives businesses a personalized calendar for EHS reporting.

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