Mechanical Finishing

Mechanical Finishing

The Mechanical Finishing Zone (also known as Mass Finishing) is a research hot spot for everything you need to know about the processes of edge breaking or surface conditioning of unfixtured workpieces. Read articles and find suppliers of media, buffing, polishing and abrasive blasting at this site-within-a-site. Check out our feature stories, tips from industry experts, and the latest in innovations from world-class suppliers.  

Centrifugal Iso-finishing

This high-speed, high-intensity mass finishing method can improve part performance.

Mastering Sanitary Stainless Steel Finishes

Here’s a primer on the types of finishes required for equipment used in sanitary applications.


Compounds Are Key to Mass Finishing Success

These chemical additives can help degrease, brighten, polish, protect against corrosion and provide stain resistance, and they keep the entire finishing process clean by continuously flushing out contaminants.

How to Eliminate White Chalky Substance from Vibratory Finished Parts

Q. We are getting a white chalky substance left on our aluminum parts after vibratory finishing and it affects the coating adhesion. How do we eliminate this problem?
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Benchmarking a Plating Operation to No. 1

Indiana’s Electro-Spec uses Top Shops data to improve efficiencies.

Drag Finishers Extend Life of Carbide, HSS Cutting Tools

Bel Air Finishing Supply’s drag finishers are designed to hone the edges and polish the flutes of carbide and high speed steel (HSS) cutting tools for extended life and performance.

IMPCO Microfinisher Generates Fine Functional Surfaces

The Microteq microfinisher from Industrial Metal Products Corp. (IMPCO) is a single-station system with computer numerical control (CNC) designed to generate final functional surface texture to tolerances unattainable with grinding.