Wheelabrator Skew Roll Machine Removes Rust, Scale

Cylindrical parts are conveyed through a blast machine on a specially designed skew roll-type material handling system. 

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40 Under 40

Products Finishing is recognizing the industry’s top young talent through an annual 40 Under 40 program.

W Abrasives' Clean Tool Provides Fast, Accurate Blasting Assessment

  Company manufactures variety of steel shot and grit abrasives.  

Sweco Finishing Mills Provide 3D Motion

Vibro-energy finishing mills have compressive scrubbing action that cleans, deburrs, rounds sharp corners and smooths out surface impressions. 

Nordic Air Filtration Features Online Customer Portal

It manufactures filters for dust collectors, powder coating booths and panel filters for laser cutting machines.

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Benefits of Recycling Vibratory Finishing Effluent

Dean Bell

Dean Bell

Operations Director, Precision Finishing

Recycling vibratory wastewater can be very advantageous and cost effective, says Dean Bell of Precision Finishing, but only if done properly.

Q: Can we recycle our vibratory finishing effluent? A: If you are paying for your water and operating large or multiple vibratory pieces of equipment, your water bill could be substantial. Recycling your wastewater could significantly reduce your operation cost. Also, if you are looking to add green technology to your manufacturing operations, recycling your vibratory waste could be an easy way to go green. Not ...READ MORE

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Increasing Output for Large Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Polishing

Mike Shappell from Norton Saint-Gobain shows how a manufacturer benefits from applying products and techniques to improve the bottom line.


Winoa’s High-Performance Grit Reduces Blasting Costs

FABTECH 2020: Stainless steel abrasive designed for surface preparation, cleaning or deburring of nonferrous metals.

Frohn Blasting Media Designed for Diverse Applications

FABTECH 2020: Products used for blast cleaning, deburring, surface improvement, surface finishing, testing and more.

Webb-Stiles Provides Conveyance Solutions

FABTECH 2020: Webb-Stiles provides turnkey solutions for heavy-duty conveyance applications.

Finishing Mills, Separators Offer Easy, Efficient Operation

FABTECH 2020: Sweco's Round Separator and Finishing Mill are designed to provide efficient finishing processes.

EPSI Offers Custom Rack Solutions

FABTECH 2020: EPSI offers custom rack solutions for improved rack density solutions, tailored for product hold on tree, spline and box racks. 

High-Speed Cellular Deburring and Polishing

Bel Air Finishing Supply offers centifugal disc finishers designed to polish and deburr brass, copper, stainless steel and other materials.