Automation Smoothes the Way for Surgical Coatings

Medical device coating company discusses how automation enables increased abrasion resistance and improved insulative properties for electrosurgery.
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Finishing Hall of Fame

PF’s Hall of Fame program recognizes individuals instrumental in the development and growth of the surface finishing industry.


Ecoat Enables Chest X-Ray System

A diverse customer base is key for small shops like Giering Metal Finishing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says one of its largest growth areas has been with a customer manufacturing chest x-ray systems.
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Inside Antimicrobial Coatings

Examining types of antimicrobial coatings from efficacy to regulatory considerations, with input from same major players in the industry.
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How to Minimize Plug Loss and Leakage During Coating

Custom Fabricating and Supplies offers several tips to manufacturers having trouble with plug loss and leakage during coating.

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LATEST Powder Coating VIDEOS

Applications Innovation Leads to Better Masking Solutions

When masking product failures are costing you money, it pays to work with an expert that can select or engineer the most efficient solution.
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Wisconsin's Professional Plating Provides Triple Threat as 5-Time Top Shop

Professional Plating is a 5-Time Products Finishing Top Shop winner that provides plating, powder coating and electrocoating services.
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A Lustrous Example of Expanding a Plating Operation

Ohio’s Lustrous Metal Coatings Pins Growth on Acquiring Other Manufacturing Operations
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Troubleshooting Powder Coating Issues with SIRE Methodology

Steve Houston of Vitracoat Inc. describes the SIRE method he employs for troubleshooting powder coating lines that produce faulty parts.

Photo Credit: Vitracoat Inc. Q: What is the best or most efficient way to approach troubleshooting problems with a powder coating line? I have heard it said that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. But what if you think you are doing the same thing over and over, but the outcome is a different result? Maybe this can drive you ...READ MORE

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Color is Key: Getting Color Right in Powder Coatings

What do powder coaters need to know about color management? Rik Mertens of Datacolor explains how digitalization helps save time and avoid error.

How to Design an Effective Racking System

Well-designed racking is an important part of any finishing operation. Richard Lang, who handles technical sales for EPSI’s racking and hanging division, offers insights for designing an effective racking system.
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How to Handle and Eliminate Powder Coating Defects

For powder coating operations, an error report can turn defects and imperfections into an opportunity to improve. 

How to Avoid Orange Peel in Powder Coating

One of the most common quality issues with powder coating is an uneven “orange peel” texture. Bruce Hilbert, applications/technical manager for Tiger Drylac, offers advice for avoiding this common defect.

How to Address Declining Powder Coating Coverage Over Time

Fine particles from reclaim could be to blame for powder coating problems that emerge over time. Avoid problems by keeping hooks clean, maintaining guns and using reclaim powder quickly to avoid accumulation of fines.

What's the Best Coating Method for Extended Outdoor Performance?

For long-lasting powder coating that holds up outdoors, consultant Rodger Talbert suggests pretreatment and washing options, a primer layer and a top coat.


HMG Paints Launches Next-Generation Colorants

HMG Paints has launched its next-generation colorants, which it says offer improved color quality, performance and environmental sustainability.

Hauschild SpeedMixer Produces High-Quality Adhesives

Hauschild Engineering’s flagship Hauschild Speedmixer uses a dual-centrifuge design to swiftly produce bubble-free adhesive and sealant compounds.

Datacolor Debuts Cost-Effective Handheld ColorReader Spectro

Datacolor is launching its handheld, price-conscious ColorReader Spectro color-matching instrument. 

Mayzo Offers Flexibility With Optical Brightener Solutions

Mayzo Inc. offers a full line of optical brightener products, which absorb UV light and emit it in a fluorescent fashion — especially useful as a tracer or an additive in other coating applications.

IFS Coatings Debuts PureClad FFT For Non-Metal Substrates

IFS Coatings’ new PureClad FFT coating powder enhances non-metal substrate durability while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Stardust Guardian AM Emphasizes Sanitation and Durability

Stardust Powder Coatings and BioCote have launched the Guardian AM powder coating series, which provides high-quality antimicrobial coatings for architectural and medical purposes.