Powder Coating

Powder Coating

The Powder Coating Zone is a library of all things powder coating—a dry finishing process that sprays electrostatically charged particles of pigment and resin onto electrically grounded parts. This site-within-a-site is your ultimate resource for powder coating and curing articles, suppliers and products. Check out our feature stories, tips from industry experts, and the latest in powder coating innovations from world-class suppliers.

Two Shops Tackle Aerospace Metal Finishing

All Metals Processing and Embee Processing tackle tough aerospace finishing under a single ownership umbrella.

Architectural Coatings Help Minnesota Shop Grow Finishing Operation

Twin City Powder Coating now boasts 36,000 square feet, two 40-foot ovens with matching coating booths, one 8-foot oven and coating booth, and six manual coating systems.


Pretreating Aluminum for Powder Coating

Expert Rodger Talbert explains how to get better adhesion and corrosion performance from powder over aluminum.


Tracking Shop Productivity and Gathering Information

A relational database is the ideal solution for fragmented data collection and storage, says TrueLogic’s Ellen Sellers.

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Life Cycle: Powder Coat Turns Bikes into Fine-Tuned Machines

Two San Francisco bike makers turn to powder coating to finish their custom products.

Exair's Drum Cover Keeps Bulk Material Contained, Free of Contaminants

Suitable for conveyance hoses from 3/4" (19.1mm) up through a 3.4" (86.4mm) outside diameter.

Phascope Paint Offers Non-destructive Coating Thickness Measurements

Users can also utilize the Phascope Paint app for viewing, analyzing and reporting data on a smart phone or tablet.