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Decorative Trivalent Chromium Deposits Applied by Barrel Electroplating

With the wide acceptance of the benefits of decorative trivalent chromium plating, there is a growing demand to successfully adapt this technology to barrel plating.  Traditionally, trivalent chromium deposits were not commercially viable using barrel electroplating.  Factors such as barrel design, cathode contact, anode placement and current density must be considered when providing a trivalent chromium barrel electrodeposit.  This presentation outlines trivalent deposits applied in a barrel and examines variables in operating and electrolyte compositions.

Electro-codeposition of MCrAlY Coatings for Advanced Gas Turbine Applications - 8th Quarterly Research Report

This NASF-AESF Foundation research project report covers the eighth quarter of project work (October-December 2019) on AESF Foundation Research at Tennessee Tech. The objective of the work is to study and optimize the MCrAlY electro-codeposition process to improve the coating oxidation/corrosion performance.  In this quarter, the effects of particle density and shape on codeposition were studied.  The results show that the shape of the particles plays an important role.

Automate Your Brush Plating Operation

Automate Your Brush Plating Operation

Derek Kilgore from Sifco ASC says the brush plating operation can be mechanized, semi-automated or even fully automated.

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Atotech's Techseal Brilliant Silver Maximizes Performance

Topcoat provides appearance of zinc plating with the benefits of zinc flake coatings.

Dynatect Roll-Up ChemTank Cover Reduces Heat Loss, Evaporation

Tank covers designed to to improve efficiency, productivity and environmental conformance.