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Biological Wastewater Treatment for Industrial Applications

With tightening limits on nutrients and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), is a small scale biological system right for your industrial facility?  We will explore the ins and outs of biological wastewater treatment and how it fits into the industrial world around us.  We will look at system sizes and requirements, bacteria and their capabilities, and how to successfully treat via physical/chemical means and still use bacteria as a final polish for your needs.

Black Chromium Finishing: Beauty and the Beast

Black chromium plating has been commercially available for over 50 years.  The original black chromium plating is described in Mil Std 14538 which deposits black chromium from a hexavalent chromium electrolyte.  Over the past ten years, there has been commercial development of black chromium deposits from a trivalent chromium electrolyte.  This paper will review the deposit characteristics and operational consideration of these similar, but different chromium plating deposits.


When to Perform Vacuum Impregnation on Parts

Andy Marin from Godfrey and Wing says the general rule is that vacuum impregnation should be done before any surface finishes.

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Sur/Fin Products on Display - Chemistry-2

Here’s a look at what will be on display from some of the top chemical suppliers at this year’s Sur/Fin conference, to be held June 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ecoclean Combines Wet Cleaning and Plasma Treatment in Single Machine

Advantages of integrated plasma cleaning process in ultrafine degreasing include operating flexibility, reduced process times, low investment and operating costs, and a compact equipment build.

Hemco Floor-Mounted Fume Hoods Include Fire-Suppression Systems

Modular design allows for on-site assembly and ability to disassemble.