Conductivity in Hard Chrome Plating Baths

Measuring the conductivity of your hard chromium plating bath can help to determine how to best optimize its performance.

On the Line Podcast

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Episode 1: Early Days - Insights Into the Surface Finishing Industry

Products Finishing’s On the Line podcast for coaters and finishers discusses evolving trends in surface finishing with interviews with powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert and 2021 Finishing Hall of Fame inductee Bill Saas.  

Ecoat Enables Chest X-Ray System

A diverse customer base is key for small shops like Giering Metal Finishing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company says one of its largest growth areas has been with a customer manufacturing chest x-ray systems.

Inside Antimicrobial Coatings

Examining types of antimicrobial coatings from efficacy to regulatory considerations, with input from same major players in the industry.

Finishing Hall of Fame

  • 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Abner Brenner, Dr. George E.F. Brewer, Daniel Brockman, Richard Crain, Pieter de Lange, Ronald Duncan, Dr. Erwin Gemmer, David Marsh and Blair Vandivier were picked by an independent panel of industry executives.

  • 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Frederick Gumm, John Horner, Dr. Leslie Lancy, John Lindstedt and Milt Stevenson Sr. were elected by a panel for their contributions to the surface finishing industry.

  • 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Jack Berg, Nathan Feldstein, George Hogaboom, Joseph Kushner, Harold Read and Charles Walker are honored.

LATEST Electroplating VIDEOS

Applications Innovation Leads to Better Masking Solutions

When masking product failures are costing you money, it pays to work with an expert that can select or engineer the most efficient solution.

Technical Plating Talks Recent Expansions

Tyler Thomas, vice president and general manager of Technical Plating (Minneapolis, Minn.), talks about the company’s two newest lines and capabilities.

Polishing Is Spot-On For Arlington Plating

APC has an extensive polishing and buffing department, one that has been a mainstay of the shop for more than 60 years.


Control of Trivalent Passivates

Stephen Roberts of Columbia Chemical discusses ways to better control passivate solutions to improve quality.

Stephen Roberts is a Technical Support Representative at Columbia Chemical. Visit columbiachemical.com Q. My corrosion protection is erratic due to variances in concentration.  How do I better control the passivate solution to improve quality? Control of trivalent passivates is an important focus due to the stringent quality requirements set by OEMs. At the core of every trivalent passivate, there are four parameters that are critical for control: concentration, ...READ MORE

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Avoiding Tank Failure

Gary Kriesch leads the business unit at Tri-Mer Corp. that specializes in turnkey anodizing, electrocoating and other metal finishing systems. In this helpful article, he offers insights into the design, selection and maintenance of tanks that are the heart of those systems.

Moving Your Shop to the Next Level

New technology can be both enticing and threatening. Steve Schneider of John Schneider & Associates, Inc. offers insights for evaluating potential investments.

Longer, Cleaner Plating Bath Life

Angelo Magrone of Bales Metal Surface Solutions suggests adding an agitation and filtration system to keep plating pretreatment tanks cleaner, longer.

Managing Gold Plating for Electrical Contacts

With electrical contacts continuing to grow smaller, platers need to know how to manage the three key considerations of gold plating: thickness, purity and underplate chemistry.

Plating with Zinc-Nickel: Benefits and Challenges

Chad Murphy of Columbia Chemical speaks about the benefits of various types of zinc-nickel alloy, and provides tips for manufacturers about the zinc-nickel plating process.

3 Tests to Ensure Parts are Clean Prior to Plating

Making sure that all of the pre-processing fluids are removed prior to plating is not as simple as it seems. Richard Held of Haviland Enterprises outlines three tests that can help verify that your parts are clean.


Custom Cabinet Coolers for Electrical Enclosures

Exair’s new cabinet cooler systems can be customized to provide cooling within electrical enclosures in NEMA 12, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X and Hazardous location environments.

A New Family of Rectifiers

Dynapower has announced the launch of its new RapidX family of rectifiers, including both pre-engineered SCR and air-cooled SMPS rectifiers.

Coventya Introduces Eco-Friendly PTFE Composite Coating

Coventya’s ENOVA 115 PTFE process is an electroless nickel-phosphorus plating system that is PFOS/PFOA free.

Signashield Coating Eliminates Germs from Alpine's HX5

Alpine’s HX5, when coated with Signature Plating’s Signashield, displays antimicrobial properties that make it suitable for high-contact parts.

Columbia's Tricol Reclaim Reduces Trivalent Chrome Costs

Columbia Chemical has launched its Tricol Reclaim solution for trivalent chromium plating, which it says lowers process costs between 40 and 60 percent.

Atotech's DynaSmart Plating Line Enhances Efficiency

Atotech’s DynaSmart includes a new automation system that allows the simultaneous movement of several product carriers through different plating tanks.