Valence Surface Technologies Discusses Defense, Space Approvals

During the downturn of the commercial aerospace sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valence has used the time to seek new approvals and put some additional focus on the defense and space markets.
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Finishing Hall of Fame

PF’s Hall of Fame program recognizes individuals instrumental in the development and growth of the surface finishing industry.


Products Finishing at IMTS Spark

Products Finishing announces Plating Insights track at IMTS Spark, a digital experience that connects exhibitors and visitors through educational programming, demonstrations and networking opportunities.

Brush Plating with Metal Matrix Composites

Hard chrome has been used in the plating industry for decades, but due to the environmental and health risks associated with chromium compounds, there’s a call for change. Josh Thomas, electrochemist at SIFCO ASC discusses brush plating and metal matrix composites (MMC), a new generation of electroplating solutions.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Nickel Show from Hex-Chrome Baths

Nickel show on parts from hexavalent chromium baths can have many causes. Adam Blakeley of MacDermid Enthone lays out potential causes and how to fix them.
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Coronavirus News

LATEST Electroplating VIDEOS

Applications Innovation Leads to Better Masking Solutions

When masking product failures are costing you money, it pays to work with an expert that can select or engineer the most efficient solution.
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Technical Plating Talks Recent Expansions

Tyler Thomas, vice president and general manager of Technical Plating (Minneapolis, Minn.), talks about the company’s two newest lines and capabilities.
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Polishing Is Spot-On For Arlington Plating

APC has an extensive polishing and buffing department, one that has been a mainstay of the shop for more than 60 years.
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Plating with Zinc-Nickel: Benefits and Challenges

Chad Murphy of Columbia Chemical speaks about the benefits of various types of zinc-nickel alloy, and provides tips for manufacturers about the zinc-nickel plating process.

Chad Murphy, technical account manager for Columbia Chemical. Photo Credit: Columbia Chemical Q. Can you explain the benefits of zinc-nickel and provide an overview of alkaline versus acid zinc-nickel? A. Zinc-nickel has increasingly become the finish of choice for many industries with high-corrosion and high-performance needs. It is a rapidly growing segment of the electroplating market, nearly quadrupling in usage in the last five years. The alloy ...READ MORE

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3 Tests to Ensure Parts are Clean Prior to Plating

Making sure that all of the pre-processing fluids are removed prior to plating is not as simple as it seems. Richard Held of Haviland Enterprises outlines three tests that can help verify that your parts are clean.
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How to Design an Effective Racking System

Well-designed racking is an important part of any finishing operation. Richard Lang, who handles technical sales for EPSI’s racking and hanging division, offers insights for designing an effective racking system.
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How to Choose Between Sulfate and Chloride-Based Trivalent Chromium

There are several factors to consider when choosing between sulfate and chloride-based baths for trivalent chromium plating. Mark Schario of Columbia Chemical discusses the differences and what platers should keep in mind when evaluating options.
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Increasing Low Current Density (LCD) Coverage in Trivalent Chromium

Many factors can influence the low current density (LCD) coverage in a trivalent chromium system. Pavco decorative team manager Shane Moore discusses ideas for improving both chloride and sulfate systems.
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Avoiding Adhesion Failure Due to Paraffin

For plating applicators, paraffin residue can cause poor adhesion, delayed blistering or other poor-quality performance of the plated deposit, including poor corrosion resistance. Coventya director of business development Greg Terrell explains how to remove paraffin-based lubricants prior to plating. 
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Troubleshooting Bright Nickel Processes: How to Identify the Problem

For bright nickel process troubleshooting, Doug Lay of Coventya suggests narrowing the scope with a checklist.
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Technibrite HT 1000 Eases Bright Acid Tin Plating Production

Technibrite HT 1000 from Technic Inc. offers a number of improvements to the bright acid tin-plating process in efficacy, final appearance and usability.

Antimicrobial Properties, Electroless Nickel Durability

LeKem offers antimicrobial electroless nickel, designed for everyday production. Owner Paul Feagins talked to PF about the technology and its efficacy.

ColWear Wear Plates Offer Exceptional Abrasion Resistance

Wall Colmonoy’s ColWear wear plates offer exceptional abrasion, heat and corrosion resistance while maintaining a light weight.

Coventya Debuts Next-Gen Tristar 330 AF Process

Coventya says its new Trivalent 330 AF Process is swift and provides durability while achieving hexavalent-chromium color in a safer trivalent-chromium finish.

Dillon Manufacturing Introduces Wear-Resistant Carbinite

Dillon Manufacturing claims its new Carbinite coating increases jaw gripping strength and tool longevity.

Coventya Tristar 300 Eases Hexavalent Chromium Replacement

Coventya’s Tristar 300 reportedly improves production efficiency while cutting hexavalent chromium from the industrial process.