What Makes a Top Shop?

Productivity, efficiency and on-time deliveries are all hallmarks of a great finishing shop, but at the heart of it all is a commitment to employees and customers.
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40 Under 40

Products Finishing is recognizing the industry’s top young talent through an annual 40 Under 40 program.

TTX’s Automated Conveyor Carrier System Offers Wireless, Flexible Operation

ACC system designed for reliable, consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small to heavy parts.

Compact Painting Robot Enables Innovative Paint Systems

WB Coatings has invested in the Dürr ready2spray robot to develop chrome-effect paint systems consisting of reproducible coating layers of 2 to 3 µm.

Assured Testing Services Provides Corrosion Exposure Testing

Company provides data across any phase of a product life cycle for a variety of industries.
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LATEST Liquid Coating VIDEOS

Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories Brings Hi-Tech to the Plating Shop

New leadership brought changes to AXL, which have propelled them into becoming one of the premier facilities in the U.S.

Watch the Video and See How to Take Part in National Surface Finishing Day

Watch Products Finishing contributor Tim Pennington show you how your shop can utilize National Surface Finishing Day on March 6 to help promote your facility and the surface finishing industry.

Energy Coatings Withstand Time, Corrosion

The Z-Pex multi-layer system battles harsh oil and gas chemicals.


Understanding Paint Atomization

Tim December

Contributed by Tim December

BASF coatings development expert Tim December explains how paint atomization works for both pneumatic spray applicators and high-speed rotary bell applicators.

Q: How does paint atomization work and how is the atomization process different for pneumatic spray applicators and high-speed rotary bell applicators? In the 1800s, Joseph Binks, maintenance director at Marshall Field’s Department Store in Chicago, invented the air-atomized spray gun. In his new invention, the paint was broken into small droplets by a pressurized stream of air. He used his new atomization technique, instead of the ...READ MORE

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Electric vs. Pneumatic Agitators: What Makes Sense?

When determining the need for an agitator, says Mike Elberson from Autoquip, you must look at budget versus long-term energy conservation.
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Using Alternatives in Pretreatment Baths for Degreasing

Effective cleaning at low, even ambient temperatures, is possible, says Atotech’s Brandon Lloyd, and creates a safer work environment and reduces energy demands.
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Why Temperatures Change Between Liquid Circulation System and Point of Application

Mike Bonner with Saint Clair Systems says a specialized control system is required to eliminate temperature changes between a liquid circulation system and point of application.

Designing Spray Booths by Applying the Right Airflow Design

Spray booth solutions are varied, Spray Systems’ Bob Hauck says, so use key performance objectives to arrive at the best airflow option for you.

Improving Transfer Efficiencies in Coating Operations

There are many methods for addressing electrostatic grounding in metal painting processes, and Tim Ulshafer from Mueller Electric says the best method for your process is a simple and worthwhile exercise.

Steps for Automating Your Paint Booth with Robots

Graco’s Bill Heuer explains the important considerations to think about before investing in a system with robots.


Graco Offers HydroShield Waterborne System

Graco's electrostatic spray system, the HydroShield Waterborne System, uses Pro Xp WB air spray and air-assist electrostatic spray guns to spray waterborne materials.

GFS Introduces New High-Volume Paint Booth Filter Solution

GFS Poly filters from Global Finishing Solutions are designed to provide long-lasting performance, reduced long-term cost and increased paint shop productivity.

FPro Suction Manual Airspray Gun from Sames Kremlin

Sames Kremlin released the FPro S Manual Airspray Gun, which combines features from the FPro P with additional options.

Grace Offers Matting Agents for Water-Based Wood Coatings

Specialty silica provider W.R. Grace & Co. offers SYLOID AQ 800 silica and SYLOID AQ 880, matting agents for water-based wood coatings.

LiloTree's Lilo-BL Increases Corrosion Protection

Corrosion inhibitor barrier layer is nanoengineered to help prevent corrosion on nickel, copper and silver surfaces.

Bright Dyes Creates Dyes for Anodizing, Metal Finishing

Company creates and manufactures dyes, sealants and additives for the anodizing and metal finishing industries.