File Your MP&M Comments Today!

Express your concerns to EPA about the proposed MP&M rule.

Express your concerns to EPA about the proposed MP&M rule. This regulation is potentially devastating for the finishing industry, and EPA needs to hear your voice. Provided below are model comments on the proposed MP&M rule that you can submit to EPA on your company's letterhead. You can use the document "as-is" or modify it to address any concerns of particular interest to your facility. You may want to have more than one person from your company submit comments to EPA. A longer version of these model comments can be found here.

The deadline for filing comments on this proposal is July 2, 2001. If you submit written comments, you must submit the original and three copies to the address on the comment letter. You can also submit your comments electronically to For additional information on submitting comments, please refer to the January 3, 2001 Federal Register notice for the proposed rule. 66 Fed. Reg. 424 (2001).

Before submitting any data to EPA as part of your comments, please send that data to The Policy Group, LLC for review. Christian Richter or Jeff Hannapel of The Policy Group can be reached at 1120 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 490, Washington, D.C. 20036, (202) 457-0630 or by email at or

Finally, please know that the industry also needs your financial help. We need to prepare comments on the proposed rule, and it is crucial that we use technical review and legal staff now to lay the groundwork for the battle ahead. If you or your company has already contributed to the MP&M fund, we thank you and kindly ask that you consider another contribution to this most important fight. If you have not yet sent a contribution to the fund, we remind you that our efforts to defeat EPA's action will be driven by the industry's ability to raise the resources necessary to mount a successful challenge. While some companies can afford to give more and others may have to give less, no company can afford to ignore this issue.

Download the sample letter.

Send your contributions to:
c/o Surface Finishing Industry Council
112-J Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170-4809