Further Comments on AAMA 2605


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In the August issue, I wrote a response on the subject of compliance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association standard 2604 and 2605. The performance requirements for these standards are spelled out very clearly. The 2604 standard provides some options for the pretreatment that include a minimum chrome conversion coating weight or a non-chrome treatment that meets the recommendations of the supplier. AAMA 2605 did not provide that freedom of choice until a more recent specification was released. AAMA 2605-11 does allow the use of an alternative to chrome, as long as it meets the minimum requirements of the supplier and the product is able to perform to the specified level. This was pointed out to me by two respected colleagues, and I wanted to make a slight correction to the answer in the previous column. Thank you, C.D. and T.B., for your input. 

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