Onward and Upward


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As has become something of a tradition, I'd like to use my January column to describe some of the ongoing efforts we're making in order to maintain Products Finishing's status as the industry's leading publication.

One of the things I'm most excited about in 2005 is the introduction of a couple of new columns to the magazine. The first of these is authored by Irv Blackman, whose commentary on taxes, business real estate and other financial issues has become a "must-have" resource for many in the industry. We're pleased to welcome Mr. Blackman to the Products Finishing staff.

Because you asked for it, we're also introducing a new management column written from the perspective of the job shop manager. The column, which debuts in our February issue, will be authored by Matthew Kirchner, president and CEO of America's Best Quality Coatings, one of the nation's leading finishing job shops. You may remember Mr. Kirchner from the article wrote about his Milwaukee-based company in our May 2004 issue.

Both Mr. Blackman's and Mr. Kirchner's columns will debut in the February 2005 issue of PF, and will appear on a bi-monthly basis. Management Consultant Ted Pollock's excellent "Management Methods" column will continue to run in PF every-other-month, beginning with this issue.

Last year, we introduced our Editorial Advisory Panel (EAP). At the time, we pledged to you that it would be more than just another list of names on a masthead, and in 2004, we made good on that promise. Throughout the last year, you've undoubtedly seen the tangible impact made by the members of our panel in the form of articles they've written, the topics we've chosen to address and even within the layout of the magazine. I'm pleased to say that we plan to continue the EAP in 2005, and will be exploring ways to expand its impact on the publication.

Of course, you can continue to rely on Products Finishing for industry news, know-how and analysis, as well as the forward-looking approach that we take in our coverage of emerging technologies and processes. One such article is our look at powder coating on plastics. You can find it on page 45 of this issue, and we can guarantee that you won't find it in any other publication.

As always, please feel free to share your opinions, suggestions and criticisms about PF with us. We've always relied on reader feedback to grow our magazine, and we owe much of our status as the industry's #1 publication to you.