Paint Adhesion to Titanium

Question: We are a manufacturer of golf clubs.


We are a manufacturer of golf clubs. One of our vendors has problems with paint adhesion on titanium metal golf heads made of 6-4 titanium. Without discussing surface preparation issues, could the use of a low-temperature cure (100°C) two-pack paint system be inferior to just a high-temperature cure (175°C) single pack paint system? J. C.


I’m sorry J.C., but I must discuss surface preparation issues. They could be the cause of your problems. Titanium surfaces are prepared for painting by degreasing to remove oily soils and then they are sandblasted. Two-component, acid activated vinyl wash primers are generally recommended for titanium. The wash primer can be topcoated with any compatible enamel. However, in this case, there is a special problem. If your golf customers play the game like I do (usually in the rough, hitting stones and other hard things with the clubs in addition to golf balls), you must apply an extremely durable coating. If it will adhere, you should consider a finish system using a two-component epoxy primer topcoated with a two-component polyurethane enamel for maximum durability.