Paint Line Costs

Question: I am asking you these questions for research purposes only.


I am asking you these questions for research purposes only. I have a question regarding paint line costs. First, when buying a used system on the market, what would the market value roughly indicate as to the replacement cost of that line new (i.e. If the system costs $500,000, can you approximate a percentage of what that would cost new?). Also, without knowing any specs, what would be the average of new paint lines installed today? I know they are mostly all custom built but can you approximate an average? What are the driving factors when customizing a paint line? L.D.


Why do they always ask me the hard ones? Part of your question is really hard to answer. Selling price for used equipment depends on a number of factors, such as, how quickly it must be removed from the existing site, its condition, its age and its size. It is really difficult, if not impossible, to assign an approximate percentage to the cost of used versus the cost of new equipment especially without specifications. Once, when I had a real job, my company bought a used paint line for 10 cents on the dollar

You are correct in saying paint lines are mostly custom made. They are designed to apply paint to specific products. The driving factors when customizing (designing) a paint line are the product’s size, shape, ultimate appearance and intended use. After these factors are established, the designer must decide how to apply the paint in the most effective manner, taking into consideration costs, as well as safety and environmental regulations. Within reason, many lines could be modified to apply paint to other products. For example, we purchased a paint line designed to paint high-lifts and modified it to paint vehicle refrigeration units.

My recommendation is to give the specifications for the used paint line to an equipment supplier. Ask him for a quote on a similar system. Based on that information, you will be in a better position to make a judgment about buying the used paint line or a new one. Painting equipment suppliers are listed on pages 354-358, of the Products Finishing 2004 Directory and Technology Guide (