Powder Coating Brass


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Q. Can you powder coat a brass chandelier? How can I find a shop to perform this work? J. L.


A. Yes, brass has been successfully powder coated for many years. Normally outdoor brass light fixtures are powder coated with clear polyester to improve the weather resistance of the product. Sometimes brass plumbing fixtures are powder coated to improve their durability or to add color.

The trick to powder coating brass is to use an appropriate cleaning system to ensure the surface is perfectly clean. Second the dry-off and cure temperatures need to be closely controlled and monitored to ensure the brass does not turn red (oxidize), especially if a clear powder coating is to be applied. Lastly, if your chandelier has cast brass components, you need to instruct your coater to eliminate the incidences of out-gassing.

Locating a job shop to perform this work can be easier if you use the “Shop Finder” tab at www.pfonline.com. Another source for job shops is the PCI web site, www.powdercoating.org. The shops are listed by geographical area and by product limitations (i.e. largest part that can be coated). Good Luck.

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