Robotic Polishing Live!

Robotic polishing cells enable Baldwin Hardware Corporation to supply its craftsmen with the tools they need to ensure the timeless quality of the company's product.

Baldwin Hardware Corporation in Reading, PA, has incorporated several robots into its finishing processes. However, this only happened after determining whether or not robotic polishing would give the same high quality affects that manual polishing did. One way Baldwin was assured of this, was that the robots were trained by the company's own craftsmen.

Baldwin found that the robotic installations provided not only the same high quality, but allowed the company to increase production rates.

The robotic cells at Baldwin feature a compact design with a small footprint. The robot is able to pick out the part, polish/buff it, and replace it in the container. "Sensy belt" programmable force control abrasive belt units provide contact wheel protection, and "sensy buff" programmable electronic systems provide buff pressure control with automatic wheel compensation.

Baldwin Hardware employees were trained on how to use the robotic polishing systems and, in turn, the robots were taught the craftsmanship that the employees had developed during their years of manual polishing. It's a win-win situation.