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Suggestion: In the June 2003 issue, you have a letter from M.

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In the June 2003 issue, you have a letter from M. M. concerning setting up inspections standards for textured finishes (see editors pick). I had the same problem years ago. Rather than have the paint supplier furnish the chips of mininum and maximum texture, I would suggest the finisher who does M. M.’s work make the chips, since he has the equipment that will be used on the actual jobs. The paint supplier would not have exactly the same equipment that the finisher has.

With regard to the letter from C. L. concerning finishing the inside of long tubes ranging in diameter from 2-10 inches, you might have some trouble pushing a cart through these diameters, unless it was a really, really, really small cart. Seriously though, my feeling is that the best way to finish the interiors is by dipping the part into a horizontal long tank. Then setting up another drip tank with a rack to tilt the tube to give the run off. Since there is no mention of production requirements, it is difficult to design an adequate tank. Another thought that I had is that to make a three-legged device with a center tube into which you can mount the 360-degree spray nozzle. At the end of each leg could be a small wheel. Each diameter tube would require a different diameter device, but you can use the same nozzle. The only way I can think of describing the device would be to visualize a prop, except instead of blades there would be legs and a small wheel at the end of each leg.

The small paint hose can be pushed through and the nozzle and device mounted on the other end. It would then be pulled back through the tube. Actually, not enough information was supplied so that you can give a complete answer. What is the end use of these tubes? What are these tubes made of? Are they oily on the inside? If so, how would they be cleaned? What type of drying facility is available? What is going to go through these tubes? Now I remember why the words “technical sales” was printed under my name on my business cards. S. B.


Good idea, S. B. You asked all the right questions. I guess that’s why they pay you the “big bucks.” Technical sales guys are paid “big bucks” aren’t they? As far as the cart, I had in mind a produce cart, since it would be too hard to get a Hurdy Gurdy cart, and the ever-present monkey, through the small tubes. For the record, S. B. is not only a loyal reader of Painting Clinic, he is also a contributor. Thanks again.


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