Webinar: 2016 Color Trends—Using Color to Enhance Products and Increase Profits

October 08 - 08, 2015

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Without a doubt, color draws attention to products. Research shows that all things being equal, 90 percent of snap judgments about products can be traced to color. Coatings not only protect and enhance the durability of your products—choosing the right color is critical. Whether you’re an OEM, a job shop or tier supplier, join this webinar with Angela Simone, Director of Global Color Marketing from Sherwin-Williams, as she shares current color trends and how using them to your benefit can add to your bottom line. Primary topics (what the registrant will learn): •2016 color trend forecasts •How color can help grow business Presenter Information: Name: Angela Simone Angela Simone has been in the paint and coatings business for 19 years. She has expertise in OEM and Architectural coatings formulations, color science, and color marketing. Angela has her B.S. degree in Polymers and Coatings from Eastern Michigan University, and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. Title: Director of Global Color Marketing Phone: 216-832-8440 Email: azsimone@sherwin.com