Being Agnostic to the Best Cleaning Option: Solvent vs. Aqueous

October 22

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Identifying the best cleaning process for components, can be a difficult decision without fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.  There are many considerations which much be taken into account. Taking an agnostic approach based on these considerations is best practice, and will result in the most effective results.

Primary Topics:

  • Types of cleaning
  • Myths of cleaning processes
  • Cleaning process decision criteria


Mike Valenti
Product Manager, Cleaners; Hubbard-Hall
Mike has over 25 years of experience in specialty chemical development and product management. He has been involved with the development and sales of specialty chemicals, detergents and cleaners, and metal finishing products. First with Milliken Chemical, and then with Hubbard-Hall. His experience at Hubbard-Hall has included recommending cleaners, both aqueous and solvent cleaning processes, non-ferrous surface preparation, equipment and testing protocols for a wide range of requirements for critical metal finishing operations.