PM or Not to PM: The Hidden Co$ts of Reactionary Maintenance

October 29

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This presentation is to provide a range of information on preventive maintenance (PM) and your finishing system. You will learn about the top excuses for why maintenance is not completed, the meaning and an overview of what exactly preventive maintenance is, the advantages and disadvantages of reactive and breakdown maintenance, as well as an example of a preventive maintenance schedule.

Primary Topics:

  • Top 10 excuses why maintenance is not completed
  • The meaning of preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance overview
  • Advantages & disadvantages of reactive or breakdown maintenance



Rich Huston

System Service Technician, Therma-Tron-X, Inc.


Mr. Rich Huston, one of five System Service Technicians for Therma-Tron-X Inc., strives to provide valuable in-depth technical inspections, preventative maintenance, and diagnostic services to optimize the operational performance of customer’s equipment.

Rich, a retired Senior Chief Machinery Technician with 26 years of service in the United States Coast Guard, previously worked as a Customer Care Consultant for Marine Travelift Inc. traveling extensively for 11 years diagnosing, inspecting, and repairing rubber-tired gantry cranes ranging from 15 to 1200 metric tons.

Rich looks forward to expanding his professional skills and leveraging his over 40 years of expertise to help empower industrial customers to achieve peak performance by taking ownership of their equipment.