Back to Basics: Wastewater Treatment

June 24

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water flow


Wastewater contains many toxic elements that would wreak havoc on the environment if left untreated. While production can be at the mercy of what a wastewater system can handle, wastewater systems are also dependent on production runs. How do we ensure that our wastewater systems are running at peak efficiency through all phases of production? From plant start up, to slow downs, to planned shutdowns, Hubbard-Hall will cover how a system should run.

Primary Topics:

  • How to troubleshoot common issues
  • How to prepare systems for lower or higher volume flows
  • How to prepare systems for shut-downs
  • Preventative maintenance for equipment and training for operators

Robin Deal
Wastewater Specialist, AquaPure; Hubbard-Hall
Robin Deal has been with Hubbard-Hall for 6 years. Prior to that, she worked for a major industry as a wastewater operator, holding a physical/chemical wastewater license in the state of North Carolina. During her time at Hubbard-Hall she has increased her knowledge of different types of wastewater treatment, compliance regulations, and new technologies to help industrial users meet their discharge permit requirements. She spends her time in the Inman lab perfecting new technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.