Finish Thompson Inc.

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Erie, PA 16501 US


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Finish Thompson Names Director of Global Alliances
Finish Thompson Inc. has named Frank Palucci as director of global alliances to focus on developing new market and OEM strategies and increase the company’s worldwide presence.

DB Series Pumps

High Flow Performance Pump
Finish Thompson Inc. will exhibit a new pump model in its premium DB Series line.

On-Site Solvent Recovery Systems Reduce Hazardous Waste
Finish Thompson Inc.’s solvent recyclers reduce on-site used solvent build-up and costly waste disposal services.

Self-Prime Pump for Chemicals
Finish Thompson Inc.’s new self-priming SP 22 Series centrifugal pump with deep-lift and fast prime capabilities is the largest self-priming model in the line with lifts up to 25 feet and fast priming time of up to 18 ft in 90 sec.

Magnetic Drive Pumps
Finish Thompson Inc. now has new models within the DB Series premium magnetic drive pump line.

High Efficiency Mag Drive Pump
The DB Series line operates at up to 70% efficiency with broad hydraulic coverage.

Product Categories of Finish Thompson Inc.

Carboy Pumps
Drum Pumps
Pumps for Chemical Service
Pumps, chemical additive
Solvent Stills and Recovery Equipment