Hi-Tech Flexible Products Inc.

2000 Townley
Jackson, MI 49203 US


As Seen In Products Finishing

Clamshell Mask Designed for Difficult Parts
Hi-Tech Flexible Products’ clamshell mask is designed for parts such as drive shafts that are difficult to grip, attach or otherwise apply a mask to.

Magnetic Masking

Custom Masking with Magnets
Custom magnet masks from Hi-Tech Flexible Products are specifically designed for ease of use, ease of location and exceptional masking, the company says.

Conductive Masking
Masking a part while racking it seems too good to be true but it can be done using Hi-Tech Flexibles’ patented conductive masking.

Custom Masks
Company's custom masks have many benefits for the custom and production coater, either wet spray, powder or e-coat.

custom mask

A Look at Custom Masking
As finishers continue to seek out ways to save time, reduce waste and maximize profits, custom masking presents itself as an attractive solution. Here's a look at custom masking and its merits...

Product Categories of Hi-Tech Flexible Products Inc.

Masking Caps, Discs, Plugs
Masking Devices, spray painting
Masking, customized
Masks, plating