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Hunter Chemical’s Fume Suppressants Assist Chrome Platers
Hunter Chemical’s suppressants are designed for anodizing, decorative and hard chrome applications.

California Regulators Approve Hunter Fume Suppressant
Formulations HCA-8.1 and HCA-8.2 are in widespread use across the U.S., as the industry has transitioned away from PFOS-based compounds over the past couple of years.

Hunter Chemical’s Fume Suppressants Help Chrome Platers
These suppressants were developed for anodizing, decorative and hard chrome applications.

Hunter Chemical fume suppressants

Chrome Plating Chemical Answer EPA’s PFOS Ban
Hunter Chemical offers its non-fluoride-based HCA-50 Catalyst and HCA fume suppressants as a solution to EPA bans on perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

Metal Finishing Chemicals Available
Hunter Chemical – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 125

Chemicals for Metal Finishing
Hunter Chemical supplies chrome, nickel and cobalt chemicals to the metal finishing industry, including a line of products for functional chrome plating that includes HCA fume suppressants, HCA-50 catalyzed chromium and chromic acid.

Product Categories of Hunter Chemical LLC

Anodes, cobalt, nickel/cobalt
Anti-Mist Chemical Additives
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Coatings, ceramic, refractory
Flame Spray-Coating Materials, metal
Nickel Activators
Pigments, metallic
Plating Processes
Plating Processes, cadmium
Plating Processes, chromium
Plating Processes, cobalt, cobalt alloy
Plating Processes, nickel
Plating Processes, nickel sulfamate
Plating Processes, tin-nickel
Plating Processes, zinc-cobalt
Plating Processes, zinc-nickel
Stripping Solutions, metal