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Koch Membrane Systems to Centralize Manufacturing of all Puron Products
According to the company, consolidation will increase capacity, efficiency and logistics for all membrane manufacturing.

Ultrafiltration in Electrocoating Becoming Critical
UF it closes the mass balance of the process while producing rinse waters from the electrocoat paint bath, often resulting in 95 percent or higher transfer efficiencies with no net water addition.

Ultrafiltration Module
Koch Membrane Systems, a developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and filtration systems, introduces its 10-inch-diameter KPAK ultrafiltration module for the electrocoat paint industry.

Cellulose Acetate Membranes
The Fluid Systems Roga line of cellulose acetate membranes from Koch Membrane Systems treat industrial and municipal wastewater where greater fouling resistance is key.

Electrocoat Process Literature
Koch Membrane Systems is offering a new brochure detailing the company’s products and capabilities for electrocoat paint process applications and wastewater treatment.

Ultrafiltration Module for the Electrocoat Industry
The KPAK 10-inch UF module consists of a spiral-wound membrane element containing 462 sq. ft. (42.9 m2) of membrane area, which is double that of the 8-inch KPAK module that has been available for several years.

Ultrafiltraton Module for Electrocoat
The 10-inch diameter KPAK™ ultrafiltration module for the electrocoat industry is designed to offer increased efficiencies that significantly reduce required floor space, installation time and operating costs.

Ultrafiltration Module for Electrocoat
The KPAK™ 8” Ultrafiltration (UF) module for electrocoat paint applications, equipped with easy-to-use connections, is said to be ideal for use in a electrocoating system or as a replacement in existing equipment.

Filtration Module
The KPAK™ Ultrafiltration Module has been selected by a major U.S. auto manufacturer for its updated production line.

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