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Anolyte Cells Accommodate Variety of System Needs
Filtration and Separation Technology International (FAST) has expanded its anolyte cell product line for electrocoat paint stabilization with new HydroCells, which include specially designed “C,” flat and box-top cells.

F.A.S.T’s EDCell Reduces Replacement Costs
The company says this cell will reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Tubular Anolyte Cells for Electrocoat Paint Processes
The cell allows for easy replacement of the membrane section only, reducing replacement and shipping costs.

Electrodeposition RO System Uses Thin-Film Membrane
Filtration and Separation Technology’s electrodeposition reverse osmosis (EDRO) process uses a thin-film composite membrane to separate the aqueous phase of ultrafiltration permeate from its residual resins and dissolved ions.

Filtration and Separation Technology Reveals New Logo
Filtration and Separation Technology LLC (d.b.a. F.A.S.T. LLC) has launched a new logo and brand identity designed to highlight the performance and reliability of its current products along with new, cutting-edge technology, the company says.

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Anodes, titanium
Filtration Equipment, paint
Filtration Equipment, solution
Painting Equipment, electrocoating: membranes
Painting Equipment, ultrafiltration
Pollution Control Equipment, membrane filtration
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