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Walchem Copper-Nickel Control Used in Many Types of Sensors
Walchem's controller can be used with many types of sensors.

Walchem W600 series plating controller

Walchem Electroless Plating Controller Offers Flexible Options
Walchem’s W600 series controller, which features icon-based programming on a large touchscreen display, can be configured to control as many as six outputs.

Walchem W900 Series controller for water treatment applications

Unit Controls Water Treatment Pumps and Valves
Walchem’s W900 Series controller is designed to give users complete control of chemical metering pumps and valves in a range of water treatment applications.

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Offers Enhanced Flow Rates
Iwaki’s powerful 3" air-operated diaphragm pump features maximum flow rates at 211.3 GPM (800 LPM) and maximum discharge head 280 ft. (85 m).

Iwaki, Metering pump

Metering Pump Reduces Power Consumption
Enhanced control features include fully scalable analog input, adjustable maximum output, keypad batch start/stop, scalable analog output, proportional pulse output and programmable output relays.

Walchem Pump Systems Suited for Range of Chemical Applications
Pre-engineered pump systems from Walchem, Iwaki America Inc. provide chemical feed solutions for a range of applications and are available in four configurations, from economical, basic systems to full-featured redundant backup systems.

Walchem Fluorometer Controls Water Systems Concentrations
Walchem offers Opti-Check, a handheld fluorometer from Turner Designs designed to measure and control the concentration of scale of corrosion inhibitors in cooling tower and boiler applications.

Dual Input pH/ORP Controllers
Walchem’s WDP400 Series Dual Input pH/ORP controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications.

Water Treatment Cooling Tower and Boiler Controller
Brochure focuses on the WebMaster One water treatment controllers, which offer control of cooling towers, boilers, closed loops, condensate lines, wastewater treatment systems or a combination.

Water Meter
The WCT and WBL controllers are capable of powering a hall effect style water meter sensor.

Boiler Controller
The WBL310 boiler controller with four feed/aarm outputs, allows four different chemical feed methods to occur simultaneously, providing flexibility and high efficiency.

Panel Mount Controllers
The W305 single or dual input panel mount pH/ORP controllers has been designed for reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use, even in challenging industrial environments.

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