Episode 4: Surface Finishing and Environmental Stewardship

In this episode of  Products Finishing’s On the Line podcast we focus on the environment, recycling and sustainability. We’ll speak with powder coating recycling company Innovakote and hear about Advanced Plating Technologies’ efforts to recycle metals from electroplating sludge.

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Powder Coating Enables Recreation During COVID

In the midst of the pandemic, recreational equipment manufacturer Lifetime turned to George Koch Sons LLC to design, fabricate and install a powder coating system to support increasing business demand.

Episode 1: Early Days - Insights Into the Surface Finishing Industry

Products Finishing’s On the Line podcast for coaters and finishers discusses evolving trends in surface finishing with interviews with powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert and 2021 Finishing Hall of Fame inductee Bill Saas.  

Coatings Drive Electric Vehicles Further

Electric vehicle batteries depend on coatings to maintain optimal temperatures, reduce the risk of fire damage and electrical interference, and more.

Finishing Hall of Fame

  • 2020 Finishing Hall of Fame Inductees

    Brad Andreae, the late Dr. George Dubpernell, Jim Jones, the late Daniel Leonhardt and Clifford Roy are selected for the 2020 Finishing Hall of Fame inductee class.

  • 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Abner Brenner, Dr. George E.F. Brewer, Daniel Brockman, Richard Crain, Pieter de Lange, Ronald Duncan, Dr. Erwin Gemmer, David Marsh and Blair Vandivier were picked by an independent panel of industry executives.

  • 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Frederick Gumm, John Horner, Dr. Leslie Lancy, John Lindstedt and Milt Stevenson Sr. were elected by a panel for their contributions to the surface finishing industry.

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A Focus on Heavy Castings

Winona Powder Coating invests in heavy-duty line and electrocoating to serve agricultural, industrial markets.
#automotive #construction

Wireless Carrier Fleet Provides Modular Overhead Conveyance

Wireless, modular conveyor system provides flexibility and scalability for carrying parts through finishing processes.

Applications Innovation Leads to Better Masking Solutions

When masking product failures are costing you money, it pays to work with an expert that can select or engineer the most efficient solution.


Understanding AAMA Specifications

Rodger Talbert

Rodger Talbert

Columnist, Products Finishing magazine

Powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert explains AAMA specifications and considerations coaters should make before taking on work required to meet those standards.

Q: We have a chance to take on a new job that requires us to meet a specification issued by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). We have coated aluminum parts but we have never had anyone ask us to meet the conditions outlined in the AAMA 2604 specification. We are not sure if we can meet it or what we have to do to ...READ MORE

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Proper Powder Cure Oven Installation

Trey Peavy of RTT Engineered Finishing Solutions offers insights into considerations that must be taken into account when commissioning a powder cure oven.

TGIC Powder Coatings vs. Non-TGIC Powder Coatings

As raw materials become increasingly scarce, powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert offers insights into using non-TGIC products.

Blistering Defects and How to Avoid Them

Verney Denerville of TIGER Drylac discusses recommendations for avoiding or mitigating blistering defects in powder coatings.

What Impacts Transfer Efficiency?

Powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert discusses measuring transfer efficiency (TE) and determining ways to improve.

Minimizing Defects in Polyester Wrinkle Powder Coatings

Axalta Coating Systems architectural segment leader Michael Withers discusses mitigating defects in polyester wrinkle powder coatings.

How to Prevent Outgassing of Iron Castings

Verney Denerville of TIGER Drylac outlines the procedure used to mitigate the outgassing of iron castings.


AkzoNobel Launches Range of Ultra Matt Powder Coatings

Interpon D2015 Précis Ultra Matt from AkzoNobel is designed to create bring a glint of brilliance and luminescence to architectural surfaces.

Inocoat Manual Powder Systems from Sames Kremlin

Manual powder systems available to cover all process needs from ordinary to metallic and UV powders.

Tiger Drylac Offers New Customer Support Option

Tiger Drylac Powder Coating launches TigerText to help service customers

Sherwin-Williams Launches Hyper Durable Powder Coatings Line

Sherwin-Williams’ Echelon powder coatings provide long-term aesthetics and require minimal maintenance. 

X-Rite and Pantone's Pantora Makes Digital Material Samples

X-Rite Inc. and Pantone LLC have updated their Pantora application to connect with X-Rite spectrophotometers, enabling brands to convert physical materials into digital samples.

Wagner Expands Coatify IoT Platform and Debuts Light Version

Wagner has updated its Coatify IoT platform with newly compatible devices, new features that increase transparency on past jobs and a lower-priced feature-light version.