13,000th Dürr Robot Set for GM in Korea

EcoRP E043i will be used to paint the interior of passenger cars at GM in Changwon.


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Dürr has put in place its 13,000th robot, this one in a new paint shop for General Motors in Changwon, Korea. This is the first installation of the new Dürr robot generation for GM.

It is an EcoRP E043i and will be used to paint the interior of passenger cars at GM in Changwon. Dürr says  this specific robot is special for many reasons: it is the first time Dürr’s third-generation robot will be used at GM, as the automaker relies on fully automated painting with the latest application technology. The equipment for the new paint shop, which Dürr was commissioned to build, includes a total of 78 third-generation robots. The total order is also the biggest order Dürr has received, to date, as a general contractor in Korea. GM will put the robot into the planned plant in 2021, and paint the new Chevrolet Spark as well as compact SUVs using the 3-wet method.

“We’re proud that GM chose us for this important project,” says Dr. Lars Friedrich, a member of the board of management of Dürr Systems AG and responsible for the Application Technology Division. “This shows the high customer benefit of the new features of the third-generation robots: top quality and availability with optimized costs.”


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