Cleaning Titanium


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Q. I have a question regarding the cleaning of titanium alloy 6-6-2 parts using “Hypersolve metal cleaner, degreaser and flux remover.” The parts have been carbo-nitrided. Hypersolve is a brominated solvent. Can you tell me if this solvent is safe to use? E.G.


A. Brominated solvents have been ruled as acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting solvents (see the June 2008 Cleaning Clinic). From what I have seen, they are considered an acceptable solvent for use in cleaning from a regulatory and effectiveness standpoint, but the safety record is unclear. As a result, the exposure limit for the solvent you mentioned has been set at a relatively low 100 ppm by the manufacturer, since OSHA has yet to determine a requirement for it. This is an eight-hour time weighted average. As more data becomes available, the regulatory agencies may issue tighter restrictions on its use and exposure levels. It is rare that they would increase the exposure limits?