Color Matching Metallic Paints

Question: I supply a small component of a larger manufactured product.


I supply a small component of a larger manufactured product. My component is assembled onto the front of the product. Therefore an exact color match is essential. The product is supplied in various colors, and my components are painted to match. My customer supplied me with sample panels of the colors that I must match. I am using the same paints used by my customer. I have little problem with the solid colors. However, I am having trouble matching colors on the metallic paints. I am using a conventional spray gun but can’t seem to match the finish on the sample panel. What can I do to solve this problem? M. B.


When I had a real job and wanted something important painted, like one of my railroad models, I had one of my skilled technicians do it. Using the correct paint, a skilled painter should be able to color match, as well as match gloss and texture, any painted surface using a conventional spray gun. The important words in the last sentence were "skilled" and "should." This is one of the reasons automotive body shops charge so much. It is easier to paint a whole panel than just a small spot. On the other hand, I remember seeing painters, who were really magicians, doing spot repairs at the end of a major appliance production line. Some important parameters are coating thickness, wetness of spray, rate of application, part temperature and paint temperature. I suggest you assign one person to do the painting. Be patient and allow that person to develop the necessary painting skills.