Direct Heating of New Pretreatment Products

Can direct heating methods improve heat transfer with zirconium nano-ceramic pretreatment technologies?


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Q. We clean a variety of parts for pretreatment and subsequent powder coating. We have systems using either zinc phosphate or a zirconium nano-ceramic technology for the conversion stage. What I am wondering about is the use of direct heating methods with the new nano-technologies. They were rarely used in phosphate stages due to the high sludge generation, but with the newer chemistries, I feel we have an opportunity to improve heat transfer and reduce energy consumption. Do you have any background or thought on this? –M.C.

A. You are correct that the new zirconium nano-ceramic pretreatment technologies do not generate the sludge of previous zinc phosphate systems, so they would seem to be a candidate for burner tubes, electric heaters or similar direct heat technologies. I suggest you confirm that with your current chemical supplier and possibly have them put you in contact with another manufacturer using the same pretreatment technology with direct heating.


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