Hitachi Hosts Free Plating Webinar on Process Control Feb. 25

Products Finishing presents Hitachi webinar on how to monitor and adjust plating line to ensure high quality.


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Products Finishing is presenting a free Hitachi webinar on Feb. 25 that will focus on helping manufacturers maintain plating process control. The primary topics include:

  • Advanced XRF coatings analyzer features for boosting productivity
  • Potential time savings obtained from configuration options
  • Differences in detectors
  • Other analyses an XRF can perform
Coatings XRF analyzer

Coatings XRF analyzer

Matt Kreiner, product manager for Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s coating lines, will host the webinar. He will focus on the use of an XRF analyzer as a valuable tool for process control as it enables manufacturers to monitor and adjust plating lines to ensure high quality. The session will explore some of the analyzer’s advanced features and explain their value. Register here



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