How to Remove Powder from a Mask


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Q. What is the best way to quickly and effectively remove powder residue from magnets so it can be reused without leaving powder residue on the surface of the next part? Is there a faster way to remove the powder residue than blowing it off with air? One more question: Are you aware of any machines that have the specific application of blowing off masks? Google has been no help. —S.O.

A. I assume you are removing the mask before the cure oven and then blowing the powder off each one by hand. Blowing off with air is a good way to remove uncured powder from a mask. You will need the right tip on the air hose. Copper tubing works well to design the right nozzle size. You will need a regulator on the airline to reduce the pressure. It may be difficult to automate the process. You will have to remove the masks by hand so you will have that handling step. If the shape of the mask will allow you to place it on spindle, you could possibly rack them and run them past air nozzles on a chain-on-edge conveyor system. I do not think that will speed up the process much, but it is an option. 



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