Kirchner's "Scoreboard" Finds Its Way On Shop Walls

Max Coatings owner "borrows" Kirchner's "Plant Performance Goals" scoresheet


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Those of you who attended the Electrocoat 2012 show in Orlando may have heard Products Finishing columnist Matt Kirchner speak about efficiencies in finishing operations. Once finisher in the audience was so intrigued by Matt's know-how that he "borrowed" a piece of advice for his own plant.


Chuck Gault from Max Coatings recently opened a new electrocoating facility in Atlanta to assist his first plant in Birmingham. While Products Finishing was touring the Atlanta plant recently, Chuck showed us the sign he has in his "Scoreboard" area of the shop floor that is used to review efficiencies and operations with the staff each morning.


"I came back from hearing Matt and we decided to put these up in our plants," says Gault. "I really learn a lot from Matt's column each month."


The "scoresheet" tracks the employee performannces, including safety, part rejects, etc.