Laser Scale Removal

Question: I am interested in removing laser scale from CRS.


I am interested in removing laser scale from CRS. I currently have a five-stage washer and am willing to add another stage to incorporate the laser scale removal. Are there any other chemical means other than a strong mineral acid with high heat requirements? I have found one particular method that works well but needs two minutes of contact time and 140°F. We typically process thin and heavy gage steel. The thicker gage is the biggest problem. All of these parts are powder coated. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. J.B.


Not sure if you are dealing with a spray or immersion system. Products most typically used for scale removal are mineral acid based (inhibited phosphoric or sulfuric acids). That means you are working with a pH that is very low so it may introduce some worker health and safety issues if used in a spray washer. If that were the case, it may severely limit your options.

If you are working with an immersion system, these mineral acid products would be easier to implement, although ventilation and proper worker protective equipment is still a requirement. You do not indicate what the current method is that seems to work fairly well for you. Even if you were to use one of the acids above, it is likely that you would not decrease your time below the two minutes you indicate you are currently doing.