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As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, manufacturers are stepping up and doing what they can to keep people safe, healthy and well-supplied. Some companies are pivoting to supply sanitizers, some are ramping up production of PPE and many others are staying open to provide critical supplies. For a quick update on COVID-19 and manufacturing, see the video below from Gardner Business Media’s President, Rick Kline Jr.

Here are a few ways that the manufacturing community is pitching in.

Therma-Tron-X Builds Mobile Thermal Utility Sanitizer to Sanitize Critical Items

Therma-Tron-X (Sturgeon Bay, MI) is partnering with engineers from Michigan Technological University to build mobile sanitizing units to be used for face shields, masks, gurneys, beds and more. Each sanitizer unit can reportedly clean 5,000 to 10,000 protective units every two hours. The sanitizing unit is made of a shipping container, with the refrigerating system replaced by a heating system plugged into a generator. The containers are heated up to 140 degrees with 80% humidity — hot enough to kill coronaviruses, according to the CDC. The sanitizer units are still undergoing testing and must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they can be used at hospitals.

Nordson EFD Helps Medical Manufacturers Increase Capacity

Nordson EFD (East Providence, RI) is helping a robotic system integrator to produce ventilators for Ventec Life Systems. Nordson’s automated dispensing systems are being used to mass produce a small sub-assembly inside the ventilators. The sub-assembly application required bonding two components together using a UV-cure acrylic. Other high-priority applications include jetting medical reagents onto diagnostic test strips and bonding the housing of test cards for COVID-19 test kits. Nordson EFD is a Nordson company. Nordson has been supplying products and systems to the finishing industry for over 60 years.

HMG Paints Provides Hand Sanitizer in the UK

Amidst a global hand sanitizer shortage, HMG Paints Ltd (Manchester, UK) is producing hand sanitizer for front-line workers, care providers and charities in Manchester and across the UK. The company developed First Thing Sanitizer after staff and their families reported being unable to find stocks at other locations. The First Thing name derives from internal communication urging staff to make washing their hands the first thing on their mind whether in work or at home. The first batch of First Thing Sanitizer saw donations made to Greater Manchester Police along with local care homes and frontline workers. The company intends to manufacture as much hand sanitizer as possible and set aside sanitizers to donate to front line workers and others most in need during the crisis.

Rick Kline Jr. with COVID-19 Updates

The stories above represent a small piece of how manufacturing is playing a critical role in assisting the country during the Coronavirus. The manufacturing community is also having its importance recognized in the mainstream media much more than ever before. With the spotlight on U.S industry, the lessons we are learning now about reshoring, supply chains and closing the skills gap are going to be even more important as the world returns to normal.

Does your company have a story about COVID-19? Share it with us here.