Mass Finishing to De-sharpen Extrusion Burrs


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Q. We have a large quantity of 6063 aluminum extrusions that we are cutting to length (4" × 4" × 6"). This part is sharp and we need to dull the edges for handling. What finishing process do you recommend? —K.S..
A. Vibratory finishing with semi-automatic- or fully automatic-unload vibratory bowls will do the job. De-sharpening the extrusion with ceramic media will take about a 4-6-minute process. This may not completely deburr the part, but it will de-sharpen it for handling.
It’s a matter of selecting a size and shape of ceramic media for your extrusion. The media shape must get into the areas that need de-sharpening while staying out of areas in which it could lodge. The media size should be a different size than the part. This allows part/media separation so the parts can be unloaded from the machine.
The vibratory bowl machine can either be a continuous process that accomplishes the 4-6-minute cycle times or a batch automation process that accommodates the amount of parts required. Both systems can process parts coming straight from the cut-off saw if need be.

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