Metallic Powder Coating


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Q. I was going to have the centers of my chrome rims powder coated a metallic silver, so the rim would still show chrome on the outside lips and silver in the middle. Do I need to clear coat the entire wheel? Do you typically clear coat over metallic powder coat? Are there any advantages or disadvantages? B. H.


A. Yes there are advantages to using a clear coat over the top of metallic powder coatings. Often metallic powder coatings do not have great mechanical or corrosion properties. You overcome this by applying a clear topcoat over the metallic powder coating, as most all wheel manufactures do, to improve the performance of the total coating package. For instance, hardness, impact resistance and flexibility are important mechanical properties you would want on your wheel coating. Of course, you would want improved corrosion and chemical resistance properties, as well. Metallic coatings are not known for having all these properties in one package, and the powder suppliers often recommend that a clear topcoat be applied. If I were you, I would follow the lead of the wheel manufacturers and do the same for your wheels.

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