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Question: I am beginning to feel like a published author.

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I am beginning to feel like a published author. You had previously printed a letter from me. I don’t remember the topic at this moment. It was midnight, and I was doing my usual “putting to sleep reading” at that time. Lo and behold (an antiquated expression), I see a letter that looked very familiar entitled “Inconsistent Gloss Problem.” There I am again. I poked my wife and read her my letter and your reply. When I proceeded to read the next letter, GOSH, GOLLY, there I am again. My esteem floated skyward. This one was entitled “Avoid Painting the Conveyor.” It was truly enjoyable reading your replies to me. I said to her that either my notes to you had some merit or you were really desperate for mail and stuff to write about. (Just kidding.)

In answer to your question about the ammonium carbonate, it was available in flake and lump form. I bought it in the lump form since it was easier to handle and I was able to throw it in the oven when needed. It lasted a bit longer than the flake type. If I remember correctly, it was pretty potent stuff when you opened the bag. At the end of your last answer you mentioned a cake. I prefer chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Just a small suggestion, please change your photo in your column to one that is cheery and smiling. Your colleagues in the magazine always look so happy. Let’s never lose the ability to laugh at ourselves. S.B.


Thank you again, S.B., for the technical help on the use of ammonium carbonate and your perspective on the flake versus the lump form. Thank you also for the kind words. I am happy to know that Painting Clinic is among your “putting to sleep” reading. I read chemistry and math books for that purpose. I am also happy to know that someone else appreciates a little humor and, by the way, I am smiling in my photo. I was surprised that two of your questions were used in the same issue. I submit questions and answers in batches of five, and I really don’t control when they are published.


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