Non-Slip Powder Coating

Question: Do you know of a non-slip powder coating?

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Do you know of a non-slip powder coating? My customer has referred to it as "cracked." We currently are using an anti-slip polyester liquid, but our customer would like to change to powder. We have some concerns with the powder being as durable as the liquid. T.F.


I have heard of powders formulated to have high-slip characteristics to aid in making drawer slides work easier, but not the other way around. Your customer may be referring to a textured or wrinkled powder coating when they say, "cracked." The best place to start is by contacting your liquid paint supplier who also happens to make powder coatings. Durability often favors powder coatings, so I wouldn't worry about finding a powder to substitute for your liquid coating. Since they make both materials, they can provide a similar formulation in powder that should make your customer happy.

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