Notice Something Different?

Welcome to the re-designed Products Finishing(PF)! After 70 years, PF has changed from digest size to standard size.


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Welcome to the re-designed Products Finishing(PF)! After 70 years, PF has changed from digest size to standard size. This is a big change for us and likely a big change for our loyal and longtime readers. There are a lot of reasons for this change, and they all focus on continuing to improve the usefulness and value of the product that you receive each month from PF.

Products Finishing brings you information about best practices in the competitive finishing marketplace. You, as readers, are encouraged to analyze the market and correctly position your company for success. This is a theme we not only talk about but we practice. Last year Jim Destefani came to PF as editor. Jim has had a distinguished career as a technical writer and we are very happy to have him directing PF’s editorial. This year you have started to see bylined articles by our managing editor Jennifer Creighton. Jennifer is adding more capacity to our editorial department so we can better serve the finishing industry. Now after careful consideration, our own analysis of our market has shown us that we can better serve our readers’ needs in standard size.

Want to know what is in store for our readers with our new size?

  • Redesigned, easy-to-navigate layout with the same process/technology driven editorial that has been PF’s hallmark since its inception. However, now it will be easier for you to find the articles and sections of PF that are most interesting to you.
  • Larger photographs of processes and products—many finishing processes have an important visual end result and simply because the pictures are larger, our ability to show you those results is enhanced.
  • Room for more relevant editorial information, provided by industry experts and our experienced editorial staff which makes frequent plant visits ensuring the information provided to you is relevant and timely.
  • Advertisements in full size—the reasons we can bring you PF every month free-of-charge are our advertisers. They like being able to tell you about their products in larger format.

One last thought, Gardner Publications, parent company of Products Finishing, was started in 1928 by my Great Grandfather Don Gardner. He created Products Finishing in 1936 to bring the latest in surface finishing technology to both the people that apply it and the people that manage the process. This has not changed and will not change. Don Gardner set out his vision for the magazine quite clearly in the first issue:

“Developments in the field of metal finishing are coming with increasing rapidity, and those who are responsible for results in the field will be interested in keeping abreast of events concerned with development and application. To this service Products Finishing is dedicated.” Don G. Gardner, Publisher

Our charge at Products Finishing is to continue following this vision of bringing you the latest technology and best practices in all areas of surface finishing through excellent editorial and information that will help you improve both your bottom line and your business. That’s what Products Finishing is all about, and that is what we will continue to bring you, only in an enhanced format.

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments or questions.