Paint Bleed Through


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Q. In our plant, we started a production line to recondition 55-gallon drums for re-use by various industrial customers. We paint them black with a white band around the middle. We are having problems with bleed thru while painting them. What are the possible solutions? S. J.


A. I hate when that happens! The condition you described, bleed-through, occurs when painting a second coat of paint over another paint that is not cured. The solvents in the second coat are actually dissolving the first coat of paint. To solve this problem, the first coat must be cured before applying the second coat. One of the important properties or stages of a curing paint film is “time to recoat.”

Simply stated, “time to recoat” is the time the paint film must cure, after application, until a second coat of paint can safely be applied. This property is listed in the paint’s product data sheet. If you don’t have the sheet, call your paint supplier. If your present paint doesn’t fit your production schedule, use a faster drying paint or a paint with a shorter “time to recoat.”

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