Painting Logos on Gas Grills

Question: We manufacture a complete line of portable and stationary gas grills.

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We manufacture a complete line of portable and stationary gas grills. We feel that they are the premiere line and are proud of them. Therefore, we have decided to apply our corporate logo on the grills to identify them. Naturally, we want the logo to be permanent. I am trying to find the best way to go about applying a design on our gas grills that will retain its color/luster, etc. I am not sure if there is a cost-effective way to do multiple colors/designs that can withstand high heat and weather. Can you please give us some direction? R.D.


There are several options available for applying your corporate logo to gas grills. A single color logo would be easiest, because multiple colors will require multiple passes or applications. Some of the high-temperature resistant resins available include phenolics, polyimides and silicones. Of these, paints based on silicon resins will not only withstand the high temperatures generated by gas grills, but they will also resist the effects of outdoor weathering. Other resin types that may be suitable are silicone alkyds and silicone polyesters.

Paints and marking inks using these resins can be formulated as liquid or powder coatings. Powder coatings can be applied by electrostatic spray or hot stamping. Liquid coatings or inks can be applied by stamping, rotogravure type roller coating, spraying or brushing. Naturally the application method will depend on the coating selected and the complexity and number of colors in the corporate logo.


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