Painting Particle Board


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Q. We manufacture furniture components using particle board as a base. I am looking for a paint or coating that can be used to coat the surface of the particle board panels in a production line environment after finish sanding and prior to a paper laminating process.

The paint would need to be fast-drying and have a sealing property, as well as be capable of filling small pore-like cavities and other small surface imperfections. Do you know of such a process or product? D.M.

A. Two processes immediately come to mind:

1) Use a sandable primer surfacer that can be applied by spraying, such as those used by automotive and other industries to cover surface defects. This must be sanded after drying to obtain a smooth surface. You will want to use a thermosetting material because it will be compatible with any adhesive used for bonding during the paper laminating process.

2) Use a filling compound that is applied with a blade or knife and then sanded to obtain a smooth surface. Automotive supply stores sell such products for filling dents in sheet metal, while builders’ supply stores sell them for filling holes in drywall and trim lumber. Again, you will want to use a thermosetting material.

Both these processes are labor-intensive if done manually but could be automated.