Powder Coating ABS Plastic and Teflon


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Q. I am doing research on different ways to paint hubcaps (ABS plastic and Teflon®). Currently, we use only liquid paint but are looking into the possibility of using powder paint as an alternative. Is there a method of powder coating that would be applicable here and would not melt the hubcap? Where do you suggest I go to find out more about the possibilities and limitations of such a process? J. D.


A. Powder coating of certain plastic substrate has been performed for the last 5+ years. The only restriction is that the plastic substrate must be able to withstand 250°F to melt the powder coating onto the surface prior to UV curing. If your hubcaps can withstand 250°F without melting, then you should continue your investigation into powder coatings. If your plastic falls short of this temperature requirement, then look elsewhere for your coating needs.


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