Powder Coating Schools


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Q. I have a son who is a senior and is interested in learning powder coating. Are there schools that we could send him to learn the process? D.P.


A. I congratulate you on surviving the raising of your son. This kind of reminds me of the country western song, “Mamma, don’t raise your sons to be cowboys” or rather “Don’t raise your sons to be a powder coaters” may seem to apply better here. Just kidding, of course.

There are several avenues that are available to your son. First there are two-day “Hands-on Training” schools and trade show conferences offered by the Powder Coating Institute (www.powdercoating.org). Additionally the Chemical Coaters’ Association offers regional classes and training manuals on powder coating (www.ccaiweb.com). Lastly, if he does not want to attend an actual class, but would like to read up on the subject, I recommend the following books; Powder Coating The Complete Finisher’s Handbook and The Users Guide to Powder Coating, both of which are available at discounted prices on The Powder Coating Net (www.powdercoat.com). 

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