Powder Coating Stainless Steel Pipe


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Q. Can we powder coat AISI 304 stainless steel pipe to our color of choice? Is there a specific type of paint to be used? If it can be done, can the powder coating last up to five years? —Y.S.

A. Yes, you should be able to powder coat type 304 SS pipe. You will need to roughen the surface by sanding or blasting to get good adhesion. Test a small piece first to make sure you do have good adhesion. The type of coating will depend on whether you need sunlight resistance or not. If you do plan to put the product outside in the sun, you should use a TGIC polyester. If you do not plan to put it in the sun, you could use an epoxy or hybrid of polyester/epoxy. It should last a long time depending on what you subject it to. Sunlight will fade it a little, but five years should be acceptable with a good powder. Chipping and adhesion should be all right if you do a good job of roughening the surface and get the powder fully cured. Scratching or mar will depend on the hardness of the powder you use. List out the things you are concerned about, and let your powder supplier help you select the right product.