Protech Purchases Texas' Innotek Powder Coatings

Innotek of Big Spring, Texas specializes in high performance thermoplastic powder coatings.


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The Protech/Oxyplast Group of Montreal, Canada is acquiring the powder coating business and manufacturing assets of Innotek Powder Coatings of Big Spring, Tex., which specializes in high performance thermoplastic powder coatings.


David Ades, managing director of Protech says: “Innotek’s leading thermoplastic technology is a great addition to our global business. It is complementary to our extensive thermoset powder coatings product range.”


Innotek Powder Coatings was a wholly owned subsidiary of Wagner & Brown, Ltd. located in Midland, Tex. In 1992, Innotek operated under the name Plastic Flamecoat Systems, manufacturing both flame spray equipment used for field application of thermoplastic powder coatings as well as the coatings themselves. In 1995, they eliminated the equipment side of the business and in 2000, with their focus solely on thermoplastic powder coatings, they became Innotek Powder Coatings.


Protech says it fully expects to benefit from the business relationships and the unique thermoplastic technology that Innotek has developed over the years. Protech will integrate Innotek’s manufacturing operations into its own organization.


The Protech/Oxyplast Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of powder coatings. Now in its 36th year of operation, Protech Oxyplast powders are produced in more than 20 facilities worldwide.


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